The Men

Curious to know more about the men mentioned in My Asian Fixation?  Click away for posts staring them.


The Boyfriends


The ABC Douchebag

Every girl needs to have dated a token douchebag to really appreciate all the nice guys that will come along after. He was my first and although he treated me like dirt and still stalks me occasionally on Facebook, I will always remember my first time fondly, it’s just the stuff after I’d rather forget.

The Only White Guy

I was with him for 10 years, we were engaged and he cheated on me, I should be bitter and angry but I’ve moved on, live and learn and all that 🙂

The One

The One that got away, The One every other guy will have to live up to, The One I just can’t get over, The One that broke ‘that’ Asian stereotype, The One I loved and The One you’re just going to have to deal with if you keep reading this blog.

The Flying Pho – A 34 year old Vietnamese pilot who seemed to have it all, he wined and dined me, probably to distract me from the fact that he was a selfish, argumentative, judgmental douche bag who always had to be right and after a short-lived romance I realised why such Mr Right on paper turned out to be Mr Wrong in real life. I should learn to trust my initial instincts.


The Dates


Captain Vietnam – Absolutely physically perfect, a hard worker (In the IT industry, what else?), loves and respects his family, sweet and funny with a smile that makes my heart melt, it’s all good on paper right? in real life? hmm the spark just isn’t really there, sometimes it flickers but for the most part it’s pretty dim.

K-Doc (aka The Korean Doctor)

The Slightly psychotic, tiny little Korean born, Aussie raised GP who reeked of desperation and only child syndrome, he showered me with extravagant gifts and serenaded me (seriously, this happened more than once) and expected me to make him my world by the second date. The lesson learned here is Disney movies shouldn’t be brought to life!

Cambodian Matt Damon

We met at Marquee, I was drunk and rebounding from “The One”, he kept telling me his name was from a Matt Damon movie because I couldn’t pronounce it, we agreed to disagree and called him Matt Damon instead. Trying to relive my 20’s too late, I tried to be that girl that has a one night stand at a nightclub but turns out I’m really bad at that and dragged it out longer then i should have, he was sweet and uncomplicated, a little boring but insanely cute and what I needed at the time.

The Malaysian Crutch

I’m not sure how to describe this one, he was a deep thinking, slightly pretentious, commitment phobe, inner west hipster with a serious pot smoking habit and when I first met him I mistook him for a geeky, short, socially awkward guy on crutches… a few weeks and a few awkward make out sessions in his lounge room later and he turned up on a date, crutch free looking so damn hot, I froze and ended it, probably for more reasons then just being intimidated by his hotness but that’s what I’m going to blame it on.


The Friends


Judo Chop

A great friend, my best friend and my Japan travel companion (and no he doesn’t date white girls so it’s not gonna happen)


2 thoughts on “The Men

  1. well its really good to read n go through ur blog.. lol.. well but on thing always hits my mind reading through ur every letter by letter n word by word.. that how u actually felt on that moment .. well it was really nice though .. be my pal fren drop some email wen u get time well m in England.. n gues what .. m an Asian lol ….but it was really a good piece of work.. …:)


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