About Me

When you limit your dating pool to one race of guys, it can get a little frustrating but I like a challenge, so here goes 🙂 Enjoy, hopefully I don’t offend anyone.

I’m a 31 year old communications student who has a thing for Asian guys, not sure where it started but growing up in Asian dominated communities and a Keanu Reeves fetish as a teenager probably had something to do with it.

My first real boyfriend was an ABC (Australian Born Chinese) and after a decade of being with one Aussie guy who cheated on me, I decided to get serious in what I wanted in a man and on the top of my list was “Must be Asian”

I live in Sydney, Australia

I answer a lot of the most common questions i get in my FAQ posts but feel free to comment or send me any questions you might have.

Email me at neko_meowmeow@ymail dot com





22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well it has’nt been easy on me too, being asian & liking girls who are non-asian lol. Some asian girls find it odd why im not attracted to them, when im supposed to be? but they dont know that =P ? HAHA So in that sense you’re not the only one. Could say its quite a challenge for me as an individual too. Oh well, I Just gotta live wit it.

  2. I’m an Asian guy, and I like nonAsian women but seems like a lot people think we only like Asian Women for some reason. And when i dated nonAsian women in the past, my girlfriend and I get harassed by racist people and we get dirty looks. These days, I am single but i like to stay positive and healthy by working out, meditating and studying buddhism. Hope you find your Asian guy boyfriend who will complete you, 🙂

  3. You decided to seek an Asian Mr. Right after being cheated by a non-asian bf? Even Asian guys cheat.. Race doesn’t matter when it comes to cheating…

      • I don’t want to offend you.. but to me it seems you want kinda long-term serious relationship that may lead to marriage. And this is an issue my white friend(who married an Asian man) shared with me, which she said made her hesitate at the very moment she was walking down the aisle.. What about the notion of having non-white children who – somehow some way- may not enjoy the benefits you have had as being white.. (I’m not a racist.. but it’s true esp. in the country you live.. white receives the best treatment)

        Again, I apologize if I offended you by any means with this comment.. I’m however just curious if you also have thought of this type of thing further down the road…

        • As an Asian woman in America with a privileged white boyfriend, I don’t think the racial inequality is great enough to hinder your preference in a mate. Certainly there are discrepancies, but I see them more character building than as insurmountable obstacles. I know a lot of half-Asian half-white uni students and they’ve never had any major problems with it here. Consider the possibility that their lives have the ease of white child’s, enriched by the more diverse, strongly rooted culture they would claim from one parent. Furthermore Asian male white female couples have the highest household incomes on average (at least in America), followed by Asian female white male couples, THEN followed by white male white female couples.

        • @hmmmm: You may not be racist, but the attitude and mindset you have certainly ennables the insidious nature of racism to perpetuate.

          It seems to me that if your ‘white’ friend was hesitant at the very moment she was going to exchange vows of matrimony to her asian fiance, she was getting married for the wrong reasons. Getting married to someone means that you not only accept that person for who they are, but you also accept all the challenges that comes with being with that person.

          Not only that, but she (and by extension you) seem to be so comfortable with your ‘white privilege’, that it scares you when you are faced with the reverse situation. Complacency in your privileged position leads to an indifference in attitudes to racism (as is evident here). This indifference leads to an atrophy of the will to fight for what is right.

          Maybe you and your friend should try using your ‘white privilege’ to highlight perceived injustices, rather than be scared to upset the applecart and continue being sheep.

          I am an Asian-Australian male, having been born in Vietnam but migrated here when I was three. I was fortunate enough to have a mother who had the foresight and courage to raise me up in a non-asian area of Sydney (at the time), so I was both blessed and cursed with the challenge of growing up with mostly non-asian peers.

          As a result of that and a good education, I have grown up to be a (imho) pretty articulate person. Superficial judgement is part and parcel of human nature; we all tend to stereotype the unknown. I know I get judged all the time, but once I open my mouth, I get all the respect that I need.

        • ‘hmmmm’ – your post does not make sense. It could be that you have not explained the issues that you want to put across well. Or, it could be that you are just trolling?

          So, ‘hmmmm’, your ‘friend’ is the one that got married to an Asian guy, yet confided in ‘you’ her last minute hesitations? which were that she ‘wanted a long-term relationship’ – that was what made her hesitant in getting married? That does not sound right. Yet, ‘you’ are the one that is posting on a blog that is kinda pro-AMWF in at least the blogger’s case?

          You then pose a separate question, which is YOUR question (which is completely unrelated to the ‘hesitancy’ issue and nothing to do with your ‘friend’), about equal rights and opportunities for ‘non-white’ children. Do you ask this question to every single interracial couple and non-white person that you meet or see in the streets, whether they are black, white, Asian, other, etc.? Do you post this question on any and every internet site that has some kind of interracial coupling tone to it, or has any non-white interest? Or do you only feel the need to pose this question when there is an indication of an Asian Male and White Female coupling?

          Why would you care about the plight of interracial children if you are not in an interracial relationship…UNLESS you were being ‘passive aggressive’ – by pointing out all the ‘negative’ (non) issues. i.e. you could argue the case against having ANY children for ANY couple through the argument that the world is a bad place, and that bringing up children in this ‘bad’ world would be ‘bad’

  4. Just wanted to say… sometimes, cheating isn’t about them doing you harm, or trying to hurt you. Sometimes the guy / girl cheats because they know the relationship has ended. People have their reasons for doing the things they don’t . Try not to let it affect you. ( speaking from personal experience with girls that have daddy problems).

  5. As an Asian fella, who lives in Sydney too, who may not necessarily have a race preference (yet my last three gfs happened to be Caucasian), who thinks The Flying Pho and Cambodian Matt Damon are two of the coolest nicknames, who’s just as interested in the dynamics of a relationship between an Asian guy and a Caucasian woman as you are (in Australia anyways), and finally, as someone who can’t stand hello kitty’s face….. I find your blog very entertaining. 🙂

    Just one question: Do your suitors know about this blog and more importantly, know that they’re the star of the majority of it?

    • Thank you, The One knows and doesn’t care, the rest don’t know about this blog, which is why i give them nicknames and judging by the flying phos temper of late, it’s probably a good thing he doesn’t know and I hate to break it to you but i may have brought back a slight hello kitty obsession from japan 🙂 don’t let that hold you back from my awesome blog though

  6. An interesting but typical debate about dating and marrying outside of your race.

    It always comes down to status and income, which is almost always tied to race– maybe that’s reality, but maybe it’s not. I think it shows how shallow and insecure people in interracial relationships (and any relationship) can be– that’s reality, because they quote privileges and incomes and place themselves on a numbered list higher than some other couple of some other race to feel better about themselves; perhaps, to take comfort in empty statistics because people are always poking at their happy little balloon of an (interracial) relationship… until it pops.

    I think being in relationship has challenges, and race can be one of them. It’s a choice to overcome it or be defeated by any challenge– period, which was also duly noted in this debate.

    Finally, worrying about someone else’s relationship to the point of passing judgment on them (and their children) is always a no, no. You could never walk in their shoes or know what they talk about before going to bed at night, that look of love and happiness (and security) as they stare into each other’s eyes.

    Aside from my two cents, I’m super looking forward to reading your stories! I hope to start a new chapter of my own soon, but I’m hesitating. I’ve dated plenty of Korean boys, but this Taiwanese boy is– of course, different in so many ways that I’m at this brick wall stacked to tall that I have to tear it down… with a phone call? LOL


  7. I wish there were more girls like you in the UK. I’m Singaporean and though I’ve spent the best part of 17 years here in the UK after moving from Singapore (I’m 30 now) , I still feel way more intimidated approaching a white girl than another asian girl even though personally I don’t have a preference for race. The problem is I usually get ‘zero chance’d’ by white girls even before I’ve opened my mouth. It’s just so sad. Can’t even tell a joke! Anyhow, I think you are really pretty so I don’t think you’ll have an issue with finding your Mr Right, asian or not 🙂 Wish you all the best!


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