Goodbye Studio Ghibli

I am genuinely devastated and distraught by the news about Studio Ghibli shutting its doors.

If you aren’t aware of how huge this is for anime fans, this is like Disney closing down. Disney are actually the western distributor of Ghibli so I’m shocked to see it all just ended so abruptly.

It’s so sudden and makes me wonder what will happen to the merchandise? When I was in Japan I was shocked to see entire stores dedicated to Studio Ghibli merchandise. Toy stores had entire floors and sections just for Ghibli, it was everywhere, like part of the culture and I loved it.

One of my biggest regrets about Japan, was that due to a shonky travel agent, we missed out on tickets to The Studio Ghibli Museum and I’m seriously considering changing my upcoming trip to Singapore to Japan instead, just so I can get in before it closes.

One of the first animes I ever saw and actually understood was Howls Moving Castle, before then I thought anime was just for little boys and silly robot type cartoons but after seeing Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro, I was hooked. They were so beautifully animated and the stories were always so wacky and cute. I began to understand why people preferred the Japanese versions of anime with English subtitles to the English dubbed versions (except for Howl’s of course which is by far the best English dub ever and better then the Japanese version).

I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually planned my entire Japan trip around the Christmas opening times of The Studio Ghibli Museum and lost my shit when the travel agent who kept telling us it was all under control and she would organise the tickets for us failed. We found out 2 weeks before leaving that it wasn’t under control, she had no idea about the restrictions to the museum and that it sells out daily months in advance and she could not get us tickets, even though I had stressed how important it was to us. Despite knowing we had already missed out, we spent the first day of our Japan trip trying to buy tickets in the country as well but as expected, they were sold out.

In short Studio Ghbili is Japanese Disney. I bonded with boyfriends over our favourite movies, I always understood the plots and adored the characters, even if people didn’t know what anime was they had seen Totoro and knew that freaky little character, they never failed to stir up emotions in me and I always wanted more.

Goodbye Ghibli

Goodbye Ghibli

What is your favourite Ghibli?


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