The Musical Seinfeld Episode

So it happened I am officially a “we” “Magnum PI” and I had “The Talk” and have made it official. I have started naming our Eurasian babies, planning our wedding and signing my name with his last name, and it’s a very Asian last name so I’m expecting a lot of this   Call Me Me Mrs Donna Chang  (Seinfeld reference for all you gen Y  kids out there) But seriously “Magnum PI” and I are officially a couple and I’m ecstatically, annoyingly, deliriously happy. This is pretty much how I left my apartment this morning

“Magnum PI” messaged me from this blog, we emailed back and forth for a good few months, I thought I would be friendly, drag my butt out of the house and finally meet him. I wasn’t expecting a lot but after our first phone call… I had that feeling… you know the one deep down inside that Oprah is always talking about “Shave your legs… trust me he’s worth it”. I remember thinking he’s the opposite of every guy I have ever dated, he isn’t my usual “type” which let’s face it, as entertaining as they are, my type usually consists of lazy man children or commitment phobes who want to know what it’s like to date a white girl long enough to piss off their parents and then get shocked when they realise I actually have feelings too.

George Can't Stand Ya!

George Can’t Stand Ya!

It’s such a relief to not only to have met a really lovely, sweet and adorable guy but also to know that he already knows about this blog. I have always dreaded the moment I would have to tell a guy I was dating about this blog, although I try and make it light and funny, you never know how somebody will take to having their dating moves broadcast online or being named “K Doc”. What’s also a relief is that “Magnum PI” doesn’t mind what I write on here, another fear I had was what if I did tell a guy I was seeing about this blog and he would try to control it or need approval before I post.

“Magnum PI” is secure in himself, “Magnum PI” doesn’t need to keep his girl on a chain, “Magnum PI” talks about himself in the third person… Seriously though, it’s so great to be in a balanced relationship with no game playing, no white lies and no stepping on egg shells. I truly feel I can be myself around him and what’s more surprising, is that he actually likes all of me! Even with no makeup on.   Keanu Makeup   I know if this blows up in my face I’m headed for massive heartbreak but if you don’t try you will never know, right?



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