Marathon Dating

You know that feeling when you meet somebody and you just click, within a few minutes of meeting you sort of feel like shouting


"Did we just become best friends?" "yep"

“Did we just become best friends?” “yep”


I’m not just referring to potential romantic relationships but just relationships in general.

In general I find I get along with most people, I’m pretty much Sweden, I try to be nice and friendly to everyone, even those who are a little catty to me and I find it especially satisfying to be lovely to those who are downright miserable, negative people. Just to let them know they haven’t gotten to me. I have a huge circle of acquaintances from all walks of life and I don’t get involved in their lives too much and visa versa.

However once in a while I find I meet a person who I know instantly is going to play a special part in my life, whether it be for a short time or a lifelong thing, I know we have some sort of bond and they are there for a reason.

“Magnum PI” is there for a reason.

When we hang out, I find it painful to say goodbye, I have to force myself to walk away and slam the door, run into my room and change into my most comfy pyjamas to stop me from running out and clinging onto him koala style, like his whiter, blonder, conjoined twin.


Never letting go!

Never letting go!


Almost every time I see him we go into overtime, I’m talking dates that never end.

Our second dates was all kinds of awesome, a visit to The Powerhouse Museum to see the Retro Games exhibit. We bonded over our favourite childhood video games and waiting in line with little kids for Donkey Kong (which is way harder than it looks) and trying to figure out how to play the new games that six year olds seem to be better at then us. We then found the 8 bit cinema, playing popular movies in 8 bit style.

It was by far the best attraction at the museum and you should check it out if you can.

What started out as a day trip to the museum ended up a ten hour date where neither of us wanted to leave and it ended with a kiss.




I was convinced it might be a fluke so when we planned another unique date (The Police and Justice Museum… odd but fun and creepy) I was waiting to see if the spark was still there…. Eleven hours of bonding over our fascination of creepy things and serial killers (I swear we are normal) we wondered into some Bastille Day celebrations, through some touristy markets and he didn’t complain once when I was side tracked into a Korean beauty store for an hour.




The night ended with Ding Tai Fung (Take me now!) and making out in his car like two high school kids and then I took a huge step.

Something I don’t normally do so early on in the relationship, I was so nervous but I had to do it.

I introduced him to my cat.

Scarlett Soot Sprite is an extremely fussy (and gorgeous) one year old Devon Rex, she has excellent judgement of character and will instantly tell me if she likes a person or not (although, if you pet her butt, you’re pretty much in) Even with a wonky eye and a traumatic day of being at the vets she still sat there and sussed “Magnum PI” out, enough for me to know that this wasn’t one sided.


She thinks she's people

She thinks she’s people


Our everlasting dates are not going to stop any time soon and we have already gotten to that stage of comfortable silences (when there is a rare pause) we talk nonstop for hours and as cheese filled as it sounds… we do our fair bit of gazing into each others eyes.

Sorry I just threw up a little… yes we have become one of those couples I hate.



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