My Asian Fixation Revealed!

Since starting this blog I have had a few guys who write to me and ask if I would be interested in getting to know them. Most of the time they are barely legal, live overseas, chicken out or lose interest after the initial thrill… but recently I got an email from a really sweet guy asking if I would be interested in getting to know each other… he was over 18, actually lived in Australia and didn’t seem to get distracted after three emails. Even after I took weeks to respond to emails due to my feeling sorry for myself/ sad Bridget Jones faze, he wasn’t pushy or whiny.

So I took a risk and called him, we had a really great conversation and we made plans to meet.

About ten minutes before our date I found myself wondering what was I doing? This can’t possibly go well. What if he’s some crazy stalker? What if he blows my cover? Or even worse… what if this works out? Do I write about him in the blog?

There are about two people in my life that know about the blog and know me in person, so it’s pretty scary meeting somebody who knows about both.

I prepared myself for all the possibilities, brushed up on my kung fu moves in case he tried to kidnap me and sell me on the black market and decided to go in with a positive attitude.

So the lowdown, he is a Chinese, Vietnamese 30 something IT geek, with an adorable smile and a quiet confidence. We met after work and I was overwhelmed by the gorgeous flowers he bought me! And an even sweeter card, Ok this is massive for me – not only because I finally got flowers from an Asian man but also because he wrote a card. This may sound odd but I LOVE buying gifts for people, I love wrapping them and can spend hours picking out the perfect card, my ultimate nightmare is those gift bags lazy/uncreative people buy to shove a hastily bought present in and then write on a card “To… From…” What’s the deal? Why even bother when you clearly couldn’t be bothered to spend more than 30 seconds thinking about me. Call me sentimental or high maintenance but I think gifts should come from the heart… so before I go on a rant about something totally different, when a person, especially a man goes out of his way to write a sweet card I find it really flattering and adorable and I lose my train of thought.

Now for his blog name… I’ve decided to call him “Magnum PI”…



His pants weren't quite this tight

His pants weren’t quite this tight


No he didn’t have a pornstache, a map of chest hair you could get tangled in or even an awesome Hawaiian shirt collection (by the way, the only man that can pull that off is Tom Selleck and if you don’t know who that is then you are too young to be reading this blog). What he did have that I wasn’t prepared for was far more information about me then I had about him, of course reading my blog would give anyone some pretty intimate knowledge about my dating life but I’m convinced he moonlights as a private investigator on the side as he pretty much knew everything about me. He knew all about the embarrassing email address I used to have when I was a teenager, the obsession I may or may not still have with a certain boy band, my linked in history and every comment I have ever made on a public Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely date and I haven’t stopped smiling since we said goodnight but through the sore cheeks something is bothering me. I can’t help but feel a little terrified, maybe it’s because I don’t have the upper hand….

I don’t consider myself a game player by any means but I do think it’s good to hold back a little when you first start seeing someone, partly so your heart doesn’t get crushed and partly because, well…. men are like cats, they like to chase things. What’s the point of serving it all up to them at once, you’ve got to have a little mystery and let him think you are some desirable piece of string that he will have to wait for, dangle it in front of him occasionally and then just when he thinks he has caught it, take it away… only to let it dangle some more.


Any excuse for me to post pictures of cats

Any excuse for me to post pictures of cats


The problem is now, he knows all of it, well most of it. There is nothing mysterious about me, I have lost the home town advantage and we are now on a level playing field.

On the positive side, I guess I should be flattered that he still wanted to meet me after knowing all my dirty little secrets (Google yourself people… it’s not pretty) He actually asked me if I was a furry due to a few photos of my sad cosplay attempts he found (just to clarify, I’m not a furry… not that there is anything wrong with that). So I figure if the guy is willing to accept me, tail and all then I’m willing to dangle a little more string then I’m used to.


That day i hung out with Furries

That day I hung out with Furries


3 thoughts on “My Asian Fixation Revealed!

  1. Ohh, I enjoyed reading your entry! Must feel nice to meet someone who secretly admires you:) I’m still at the wow-a-white-girl-spoke-to-me thrill stage, and it never gets old lol.

    I hope things work out for you!


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