Lust or Love?

I was sitting there doing my usual ‘find something wrong and sabotage my chance at happily ever after’ routine when it crept up on me and took me by surprise – I have a huge crush on “The Flying Pho”, as in I think about him, talk about him and refer to us as a “we”.

It all started when he held my hand, we walked around by the moonlight, fingers intertwined and sneaking little glances at each other, a few days later on the way to my uni class, we went to say goodbye and he pulled me in for an open mouthed kiss, right there at the train station – how romantic, the next thing I knew I was adding filters and pretty frames to our selfies that we took on our last date and now I’m calling him my boyfriend, yes I have become one of those couples I hate.

All together now “Awwwww”


I’m pretty sure next we will be strolling along the beach at sunset and making out in the rain.

Please stop me before we get to the matching clothes and mushy nicknames for each other.




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