Posted in October 2013

Asian Men Don’t Send Flowers

I love flowers, rarely a week goes by that I don’t buy a little bunch for the kitchen bench, it brightens up my house and makes it feel more homey, I always take a bunch when invited to a friend’s house for dinner and I’m the first to send a little arrangement when a friend … Continue reading

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Lust or Love?

I was sitting there doing my usual ‘find something wrong and sabotage my chance at happily ever after’ routine when it crept up on me and took me by surprise – I have a huge crush on “The Flying Pho”, as in I think about him, talk about him and refer to us as a “we”. … Continue reading

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Do I Want To Fly With The Pho?

So “The Flying Pho” and I have had the talk and and he wants to be official, however there is one problem and I’m not sure if it’s completely absurd or a legitimate concern, given my Asian Fixation and all… here goes, He’s not really “Asian” enough for me… Feel free to roll your eyes … Continue reading

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