The Flying Pho Date Chronicles

Date number two was amazing

He took me to Sokyo,  an amazing sushi restaurant in Sydney, he arrived early and patiently waited for me (always on time? Tick!)

We ordered a whole bunch of sashimi and robata I had never tried before and I loved every bit of it, seriously every mouthful was amazing and if you’re in Sydney I suggest you all go there to check it out.

The most memorable part of the evening had to be the kiss goodnight. As usual “The Flying Pho” had the whole Asian Poker Face thing going on and I didn’t have a clue how he felt. So when he walked me to my door and leaned in for a kiss I assumed we were just doing the polite kiss on the cheek thing, so I turned to my best side and was ready to leave rejected but what I got was a big wet sloppy kiss on my cheek, this is where my natural awkwardness rears its ugly head.

Me: “oh you were trying to KISS me, kiss me”

Him: “um yeah kinda”

Me: “ok”

Awkward silence…

Me : “oh did I stuff it up”

Him: “No not at all”

He leans in for the first kiss, take 2

Me: “Well that was awkward”

Him: “Was it?…. Ok goodnight”

20 minutes later I get this text

“That can’t count as our first kiss”


Date number three

We kept this simple and clichéd, a scary movie, The Conjuring (not that great btw, wait for the dvd)

There was lots of grabbing each other’s arms and jumping out of our seats and this time I got a proper kiss goodnight and it was pretty dam good, he is an amazing kisser.

Date number four

To put it simply this was my kind of fairy tale.

I made the mistake of telling “The Flying Pho” during a discussion about cultural food that I would try escargot, (aka snails) so he called me on my bluff and took me to The Little Snail in Sydney, where we tried, you guessed it, snails.

After an amusing dinner we walked around eating ice cream and as the clock struck 9pm (aka the Midnight of week nights for white people) he drove me home.

While I was prepared for the good night pashathon in the car, I was not prepared for what happened next.

He told me he had a gift for me and to close my eyes, so I did (while secretly praying it wasn’t a ridiculously over the top gift like “K-Doc” would have bought me) and then he kissed me, he kissed me a lot and then he somehow managed to put the box onto my lap.

I almost cried when I saw it was wrapped in Japanese themed wrapping paper, you see I love giving gifts and I love wrapping them, I feel the presentation of the gift is half the gift. I actually find it really offensive when somebody gives me a gift that’s not wrapped, it just screams laziness and that I wasn’t worth their time (yes this still counts for boys! Any department store will wrap gifts for you, and usually free of charge for you tight asses so there is no excuse!)

So I opened it and it was the sweetest present ever, the latest addition of The Lonely Planet Japan Guide and a travel journal.

The gift took my breath away! not only because of the thought he put into the wrapping but the gift was so personal. I’m going to Japan in December but I’m also an obsessive writer (hard to believe with the gaps in this blog, I know but do keep in mind that I study and work in journalism so I get a lot of writing time) I write until my fingers bleed (yes that actually happened) I prefer writing with a pen and paper and I love note books to fill up with my random ramblings, everything from short stories to lists and journal entries. I fucking love writing!

So I assumed I mentioned this during our first three dates and he listened and cared enough to give me those.

What happened next was lots of awwing from me and lots of obscenely making out like teenagers, which I assured him would have been happening with or without the present and then his nose started bleeding. It was adorable! Like a scene out of an anime lol

Who knew I found bleeding noses so adorable?

Ok so he’s cute, an amazing kisser, thoughtful, generous, affectionate without being over the top, has a great career he loves, owns his own home and he listens!

Is this the perfect guy?


5 thoughts on “The Flying Pho Date Chronicles

  1. Oh, and he’s a pilot. Is it safe to assume he’s the one flying you to Japan….literally THE ONE flying you to Japan? By the way, I was inspired by several of you to start my own blog as well.

  2. Aussie women are great!! Wish they had more of your kind here in BNE .. In my eyes, the white lady is like a precious stone what’s rare and hard to get.. In saying that, if I had an aussie GF, I would treasure every moment and always listen to her, like she was the queen..


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