Japan Here I Come!

So I have some mega exciting news

I’m going to Japan!

From the 19th December to January 4th I will be in Japan.

First stop will be Osaka for 4 nights, and then 2 nights in Kyoto and the rest of my trip will be in Tokyo!

I want to soak in every drop of crazy Japanese pop culture I can, I will be posting from Japan and was even thinking of a possible meet up if any of my followers wanted to meet me in the flesh 🙂

So to celebrate here is one of my favourite jpop clips, the iconic, PonPonPon!




7 thoughts on “Japan Here I Come!

  1. I went at that time too 2 years ago and it was it cool but sunny everyday 😀 Great time to travel 🙂
    P.S if your thinking of going to the Gibli museum you need to get the ticket before you leave (that’s also the same if you get Jp trains pass) 😀


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