Joining The Mile High Club

No I didn’t do it on a plane.

So those of you who are still left reading this, let me explain.

I have a date with a hot Vietnamese Captain, not THE “Captain Vietnam” just a pilot who happens to be Vietnamese.. so here is my dilemma, what to call him for the sake of this blog? The Vietnamese Pilot seems so… boring, does anyone have any suggestions?

I have date number 2 with him in a matter of hours and the strange thing is, I haven’t over thought it, stuffed it up or freaked him out yet. What is even stranger is that he likes me AND I actually like him too! This is a rare occurrence, as we all know I was pretty much (OK very much) obsessed with “The One” for a while and I’ve had my fair share of stalkers (“K-Doc” anyone?) but it rarely ever happens that I like a guy who likes me back and he isn’t an asshole, stalker or keeps me awake at night wondering whats wrong with him.

All I know is I like him and I’m going to leave it at that.. well not really :p

Lets just take a moment to aww at this photo he sent me from work


I know right, fricken adorable!

Call it growing up or call it being super stressed with recently getting my dream full time job and trying to balance that with full time uni but I just haven’t had time to over think the situation, sometimes I don’t think about him at all (shocking I know!) even stranger, I haven’t named our adorable Asian babies, stressed about whats wrong with him or decided I’m over him. I just know that I have a good feeling about him and I’m happy.


6 thoughts on “Joining The Mile High Club

  1. clap clap clap….so u hit the bulls eye with this one? or u seem to have gotten closer to it.
    i hope and pray that you got something good happening with this and wish ya good luck…u got a full time job? woahhh twit me for details…
    hmmm how bout we call him flying pho? kinda sounds nice doesnt it?

  2. Nice to see some response from Aus, I’ve been in WA for 2.5 years and my experience dating white girls were .. Interesting. Got to say despite differences it is very appealing and exciting to be dating someone from a different culture


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