White girl stereotypes

We are all familiar with the stereotypes of Asian men but there are plenty of stereotypes Asian men may think about Caucasian women.

You didn’t think the only reason he wasn’t dating you was because he was too shy to ask you out right?

Unfortunately I’ve been the “first white girl” too many times and I’ve been asked some pretty odd questions along the way and while I can’t speak for all Caucasian women, I will try my best to set the record white, I mean right :p


Caucasian women are easy

This is a strange one for me, because I spent the majority of my twenties with one guy, had I not have been with him, who knows? I may have followed in the footsteps of some of my friends and been with a different guy every few weeks but I think this stereotype has something to do with the Aussie culture of being laid back and just going with the flow.

It’s more common with Caucasians to kiss and sleep with each other without even knowing if you are together, It’s sort of assumed until it’s agreed verbally that you are both still single or just “hanging out”. Where as in my experience, when most Asian guys kiss you it means you’re official and therefore getting some action isn’t considered “slutty”, you are just doing what boyfriends and girlfriends do, which is another theory I have on why Asian guys take longer to make the first move. It can be confusing if you keep seeing a guy, you obviously like each other and he hasn’t made the first move, you assume he’s just shy so you make the first move.

I guess this can come off as a little forward or “slutty” but in general I think it’s just a culture clash rather than one race being skankier then another.

Caucasian women are outspoken and unfeminine

If you consider knowing what you want and going for it as “outspoken” then I guess I am, I will not however say anything that I feel will hurt another person just for the sake of saying it. I’m extremely self conscious and worry more about other people’s feelings then having my say but around my close friends and my boyfriend then if something is annoying me I will probably tell you, not in a pouty princess bitch way but I will say it. If you ask me where I want to go or what I think, I’m not going to shrug my shoulders and pretend I don’t have an opinion, unless I don’t in that case, jump right in and tell me yours.

I find one of the most attractive traits in a man is assertiveness, I love it when a guy can stand up to me, not to argue but because he knows what he wants too. I can compromise and often do but I honestly think there is nothing sexier than a guy taking charge, if I don’t want you to and it’s really bugging me then yes I will tell you.

As for being unfeminine or masculine I find this one strange, I would describe my style as lady like, I’m obsessed with etiquette, culture and tradition and I feel like I should have been born in the 50’s, but no I’m not a petite, softly spoken little Asian girl so I guess compared to them, I may come off more masculine.

Caucasian women are racist bogans

Believe it or not I feel I’m often unfairly labelled racist purely based on the fact that I am pale with blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m often the minority in the room, surrounded by every other culture who love to gather around and bond about being from the same country or being able to speak the same foreign language. You may laugh at that but next time you are in a room with say 20 or so people, look around and count how many other blonde haired, blue eyed people you can find, I bet there are less then every other race in the room. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have lived in the west most of my life but I’ve often felt left out of meeting new people because I wasn’t Russian or Lebanese or Italian… I can almost see the disappointment on people face when I’m asked where I’m from and I reply “Australia” and then there is the slight look of terror on their face when they dig deeper only to have me tell them that yes my parents and their parents, and their parents are all Australian and were all born here.

I don’t consider myself racist, nor do I associate with anyone who is.

I don’t think I’m a bogan, I don’t own any flannelette, can’t run in thongs and don’t think ugg boots are appropriate footwear outside of your home. I also don’t spit, drink vb or say things like “youse”.  I can however have a good laugh at myself, I’m so white I’m a neo Nazis dream, I’m well aware I could breed with my one and only other Aussie born white friend and sell our pure white babies on the black market, I get sun burnt waiting for the bus on a cloudy day and can turn on my bogan accent when the time is right “strewth!”

Caucasian women have huge “lady lumps and bumps”

I have to say this one made me laugh (and I was actually asked about this by “The One”), until I thought about it. It does make sense for some people to think this. The stereotype of Asian men having smaller penises is generally thought to be true because they are of a smaller stature right? Well Caucasian women are generally of a larger stature compared to Asian women, so therefore it would seem plausible that we have huge vaginas that would cause an echo if you spoke into them.

I guess the same theory can be said for Caucasian women having huge breasts, we are supposed to be bigger, so therefore it’s more common to have bigger body parts.

I’ve never had any complaints and gathering some quick feedback has told me that not only do my ex boyfriends find it amusing to be asked what they thought about my vagina but that the stereotype was found to be untrue but in saying that, I’ve never had any experience with Caucasian vaginas, or vaginas of any race for that matter so I cant answer it for you. All I can do is use my common sense combined with my experience and tell you I think this stereotype is untrue, purely based on the fact that I’ve seen some pretty large penises attached to some Asian men, so if “that” stereotype is  false then I’m going to say this one is too.


So what other stereotypes do Asian men think about Caucasian women in general?



21 thoughts on “White girl stereotypes

  1. Seems like you’re making a damned big issue about being ‘white’

    and BTW the west starts from the Parramatta area

  2. i thought u were suppose to to try and promote this blog…not kill it telling people to bugger off….

  3. Your blog promotes a generalised view of a complete range of eclectic cultures, and reduces them down to a handful of stereotypes

    Asia is a big place with a lot of VERY different people

    so you need to be very careful when you throw around the word ‘Asian’, ’cause that’s a big brush that you paint with and your colouring a lot of people with it

    • I feel i have been quite careful, i always preference the posts by saying i can only speak from my personal experience, thats kind of the point of blogs. I think its obvious don’t mean to offend anyone, all the posts are written with a sense of humour and if this blog isn’t your cup of tea you don’t have to read it.

  4. Ah ‘If you don’t like it, then don’t read it’ ever the bloggers cry

    Once you release a work or writing or art to the public (whether you like it or not) it becomes open to scrutiny. You don’t get to choose the opinion that it garners

    so how about this

    ‘If you don’t want it criticized, then don’t post it online’

    • Never said i had a problem being criticised but I’m not going to keep defending the entire point of this blog because of 1 complaint. Its just common sense, You’re obviously quite upset about my blog so why keep reading something that bugs you? Are you a masochist?

  5. LOL! Great blog. I’ve been in an AMWF marriage for 14 years now and have recently discovered the AMWF community. As you can imagine, 14 years ago, we were pretty rare. Reading your blog brings back a lot of memories. Can’t wait to read the rest of your entries.

  6. I’ve read your blog and was up until 3:00 am last night just talking with my wife. We reminisced about a few stereotyping instances. Here’s another stereotype for you. White girls are picky eaters. I don’t think it’s true. But many times I take a girl out to eat Vietnamese food, we never order just the typical stuff like pho. The staff would ask, “She will eat that?”

    Also, I’d like to ask a quick question. Is Captain Vietnam and the waiter at the pho restaurant the same guy?

    • Lol oh the good thing, i always get given cutlery instead of chopsticks and whenever the waiter tells us something will be spicy, they always look at me as if to say “can she handle it” lol i was going to to a blog on my second attempt at pho when i had a chance, it was interesting. And no, sadly the pho waiter was not the captain. Would love to hear some more of your experiences, glad my blog is relevant and not just me rambling about a few asian guys i dated lol

      • How could I forget the utensils over the chopsticks?! Will be patiently waiting your 2nd pho attempt. Your first story cracked me up. You shoving the food trying to impress the waiter reminded me of when my wife (girlfriend at the time) met my mom. We were out eating and my mom ordered fried shrimp. They fried everything, heads and all. I actually eat the whole thing and my girlfriend sees this. So, she proceeds to do the same thing. After eating a few, she saw that my mother was NOT eating the heads and she had several of them piled up on her plates. My girlfriend screamed, “You’re not eating the heads!” My mom said, “No, I don’t do that.” Needless to say, they got along after realizing that my girlfriend ate shrimp heads to try and impress my mom.

  7. Hate to say it, But this is pretty true.

    The AM that I’ve dated also mention the same types that you’ve mentioned, and it does get irritating, and i’m going to add this one in as well. Because they seem to not understand, Western Women are larger then our oriental sisters. We are DIFFERENT. If that is the body desired by AM’s perhaps you should hone your interest on a different type of woman. JS.

    • Agreed, yahpeep. I was more attracted to white girls when I was dating. Specifically, I was attracted to the white, athletic girls. Their curves and muscle tones just did it for me. Not too much, not too little. That’s just what I found physically attractive. I do understand that personality is extremely important, but physical attraction is very real. And, everyone will have their own interpretation of physical attraction. There’s nothing wrong with that. And sure, these are generalities. People don’t seem to understand that generalities are just that. They’re general. They’re not meant to be insulting unless you intend for them to be.

    • Yahpeep, I’m curious: Where do you get your facts that this is true? I was thinking that, although this may seem the case because Asian women are smaller and white women are bigger in build and stature, then I might as well say that because white men are bigger and Asian men are smaller, this determines their penis size–but based on what I’ve seen, this is not the case. Just based on what I’ve seen–I’ve seen tall, big Asian AND white men with small penis’s. And I’ve seen smaller Asian and white men with larger penis’s. And sometimes this ‘stereotype’ fits–larger man, larger penis. But only sometimes. I have found that penis size has NOTHING to do with stature and build (however I have found that hand size may be a closer determiner). Therefore, this leads me to believe that this is probably the case with women. Build and stature probably has nothing to do with vagina size.

      • Thats the point of this post, they are just stereotypes i have come across, i don’t post facts on my blog it would be pretty hard to have factual information on anything i write in this blog, i just base posts on my personal experiences, believe it or not I’ve been asked by a few asian men if caucasian women had bigger lady bumps and parts then asian women and yes i was baffled and laughed, and I’ve often noticed asian men seem to be fixated on the size of their man hood, then again most men are and of all the myths about asian men this seems to be the most popular. This blog is done with good humour based on my personal experience, i haven’t stated anywhere that this applies to everyone. Have a read through the rest of my blog.

  8. I think the stereotype about white girls having deep va-jay-jays comes from the idea that white guys’ willies are supposed to be bigger, therefore the depth is supposed to be enough to accomodate such a length… though that’s just silly, because race is irrelevant when it comes to willie size/depth of hoo-ha 😛 it depends on the individual person.

    Also, this is probably worth mentioning too:

    I read that and thought of this entry. I’m so not like that! I mean, chamomile tea and poetry? That’s too hipster for me, and horses are too country. And the dogs? C’mon, we’re not Paris Hilton clones.


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