Gonna Guys Part 2

So because I’m starting to get a little dry on material for the blog (mainly due to wanting to be single for a while – yes that actually a real thing) and because I’ve been swamped with uni, work and life in general, I’ve decided to expand on Gonna Guys.

What’s the problem with guys who talk about the future and want to make a bunch of plans with you, seems perfect right? Especially when they look like “Captain Vietnam”

Let’s just take a moment to remember the hotness that is the captain…


Due to respecting the privacy of the men I write about on this blog, just replace Chris Evans face with a hot Asian guys face and go from there

So back on track…

I’ve been with far too many guys (Asian or not) who start off all excited about us and then suddenly lose interest. At first they want to see me every day and shower me with phone calls, gifts, give up their boys nights to see me and basically just pay all the attention in the world to me, sounds great until I get that text …

“maybe we should slow down” “let’s take a step back” “I need to spend some time with my friends” etc and there is nothing wrong with that, I encourage guys to have their boy time talking about beer and boobs, thumping their chests and farting or whatever else guys do when they are together. Although I’m not after a fling, I do know the heartbreak of moving way too fast too soon with a guy and I do have a problem with getting the blame for this, you see I’m doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t.

If I say yes to seeing him the day after our first date and then the next day and then answer his skype call and chat until our mobile batteries run flat the night after that, then I know we are about to have the “I need space talk” even if I don’t initiate it. It’s just human nature and I probably need some space  after all that bonding and getting to know each other too.

So why don’t I just say no? Don’t make myself so available? Maybe wait a few hours before replying to his text? …Because then if I end up actually really falling for the guy and wanting more than a date or two with him, I get the lecture from him about being “too distant” then comes the call… “we didn’t have that strong of a connection” “you didn’t seem that interested” “I don’t like game players” etc

Is this just negative thinking? Should I just shut up and go with the flow? Should I just stop asking so many questions?

Probably yes but we all know I won’t.

Am I still single? Yes

Where is “Captain Vietnam”? Probably in the gym or drinking protein shakes to wash down his pho… Ok, seriously though we still keep in touch but I kind of hit the pause button, sometimes we press play with a flirty text but at the moment I’m kind of enjoying spending my Friday nights in my pjs, eating pizza while I finish my uni assignments (Lies! nobody enjoys uni assignments but you get the picture).


8 thoughts on “Gonna Guys Part 2

  1. This might sound weird, and down right creepy. I find you very attractive. Are you willing to be friends or pen pals? I’m completely oblivious to Austrialian cultures but I’m willing to learn more about it. Yay or nay? (I Don’t blame you if its nay 😦

    • Hi Jay, yes you are creepy and yes we can be pen pals lol seriously, its not that weird, i get more emails like this then i would like to admit, usually when a guy contacts me from this blog he does one or all of the following.
      1. expects me to dive on him because he’s Asian
      2. bags out all the other guys I’ve written about on this blog
      3. tells me how westernised he is

      obviously non of these angles work on me because I’m still single, Asian guys are a dime a dozen here, i don’t have any hard feelings toward any of the guys on my blog and i obviously don’t like western guys… hence the blog lol

      you haven’t done any of these, so send me an email 🙂 contact details on the About Me page

  2. thought this blog died already…welcome back again!~~~
    hmmm by looks of the post here already you have success!~

    • the point of this blog isn’t to meet gorgeous Asian men such as yourself :p its just like the cherry on the top of the cake or like Japanese mayo on sushi or those little crunchy things… now I’m hungry

  3. ..u mean the pickled ginger that is pink and crunchy like a bit of donkey foreskin? =)
    off topic… hope your health is back in check and your doing good. should invest more time in this blog, i reckon its gonna be a big HIT

    • love me some donkey foreskin lol Thanks angry, except for the fact that I’m not dating, nor do i really want to at the moment which is kinda making me run dry on material… ahh first world problems.
      oh and been downing green tea like there is no tomorrow… not really working on the health front but i do pee a lot 🙂


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