Posted in July 2013

White girl stereotypes

We are all familiar with the stereotypes of Asian men but there are plenty of stereotypes Asian men may think about Caucasian women. You didn’t think the only reason he wasn’t dating you was because he was too shy to ask you out right? Unfortunately I’ve been the “first white girl” too many times and … Continue reading

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Gonna Guys Part 2

So because I’m starting to get a little dry on material for the blog (mainly due to wanting to be single for a while – yes that actually a real thing) and because I’ve been swamped with uni, work and life in general, I’ve decided to expand on Gonna Guys. What’s the problem with guys … Continue reading

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So you’re dating an Asian guy

It shouldn’t be that difficult right? That hard parts done, you’ve bagged yourself a hot Asian guy and he’s astounded that you like him, why wouldn’t he? You’re gorgeous and he’s never dated white girl before. Well after the novelty wears off (which it will) you will have the same problems any other couple has … Continue reading

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