Gonna Guys

“Captain Vietnam” has a flaw, hard to believe I know.
He’s a “gonna guy” you know the type, he’s gonna take you to his favourite bar, he’s gonna bring you his favourite vodka (we sound like alcoholics), he’s gonna teach you the secret to parallel parking (yes I’m 30 and still on my L’s, don’t judge).
While I’m eager to get hammered and become the oldest P plater in Australia, we already know he’s never “gonna” do any of these things, he’s also gonna take me to his favourite pho restaurant (thank god that’s not actually gonna happen).
That’s the problem with “gonna” guys, despite the bad grammar, they are all talk and no action.
I’m a mean what I say and say what I mean type of girl, I can see this ending horribly because he’s gonna dump me for a much less uptight and anxious girl who doesn’t over think what he’s gonna and not gonna do. Well he’s welcome to be my rebound, my very, very good looking rebound.



2 thoughts on “Gonna Guys

  1. I never had a trampoline as a kid and i think you know me well enough to know that even if had only been 2 minutes i would be over analysing “Captain Vietnam”


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