A Taste Of My Own Medicine

K-Doc has decided to start a blog about me, I shouldn’t complain, there is nothing horrible or nasty on there, it’s purely him confessing his deep feelings for me and how I apparently changed his life. Between you and me I think he’s acting like a bit of a drama queen for a guy I dated for like 2 weeks and he wasn’t really on the top of my priority list when we were together but maybe I was wrong? I always kind of assumed he just wanted to be with anyone, purely for the sake of being in a relationship but maybe he actually just wanted to be with me?

Ugh! Why can’t somebody I actually like become obsessed with me?


“This won’t hurt a bit”

I have to wonder if this is a lesson? He was pretty into me and I wasn’t really into him, to be fair in the beginning I thought about it a little but the more he tried to get closer to me, the more I backed away, it was a huge turn off. I could see the desperation oozing from his pores and it just made me run a mile.

So does this mean it’s a simple as playing hard to get? How often is it that the ones we dislike are the ones who really want us and if you really want them, they don’t seem to want you back as much?

Even in the beginning with “The One” we were both pretty into each other but suddenly in typical boy fashion, he backed off…. I tried harder as my feelings grew for him but this sent him further away until I sensed that he wasn’t that into me, so I tried to end things to protect myself. Of course the thought of losing me sent him into a spin and the next thing I know he was asking me to marry him… in the end we found a balance, granted it ended but this is an example of how desperation can repel the person you’re desperate to be with.

I have to admit I’m a little annoyed, I don’t have any right to be considering I blog shamelessly about my “Asian fixation” but at least I use code names to protect the poor innocent Asian men caught in my blogging crossfire, he’s just out there naming names without a care in the world.

I guess all is fair in love and blogs

Will I be sharing the link to his blog with you? Hell no! That would be cheating 😉


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