Posted in May 2013

How Do I Meet White Girls?

I get quite a few emails from Asian guys asking me the above question and while I kind of want to scream back “Hello! right here!” I politely reply with a few helpful tips that I thought I would share. Keep in mind I’m not an expert and still searching for my perfect guy, so … Continue reading

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Gonna Guys

“Captain Vietnam” has a flaw, hard to believe I know. He’s a “gonna guy” you know the type, he’s gonna take you to his favourite bar, he’s gonna bring you his favourite vodka (we sound like alcoholics), he’s gonna teach you the secret to parallel parking (yes I’m 30 and still on my L’s, don’t … Continue reading

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A Taste Of My Own Medicine

K-Doc has decided to start a blog about me, I shouldn’t complain, there is nothing horrible or nasty on there, it’s purely him confessing his deep feelings for me and how I apparently changed his life. Between you and me I think he’s acting like a bit of a drama queen for a guy I … Continue reading

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