Oh Captain! My Captain!

Last night I ended a date with an extremely gorgeous Vietnamese man that has left me asking, “The One”, who?

Smart, sweet, funny, has a smile that makes me weak at the knees and a rock hard body to rival Captain America (ok maybe not that big but I found myself wanting to drop and give him 20).

The amazing part is, I’m 99.9% certain that, let’s call him “Captain Vietnam”, leaned in to kiss me goodnight! Stupid, insecure me assumed he was going in for a polite kiss on the cheek and actually turned to the side, which just left me with this awkward wet sloppy cheek and a raised eyebrow from him after I awkwardly kissed his ear lobe. I pulled away doing my best “I don’t care that you don’t like me” look… pretty romantic right?


So I’m not jumping ahead of myself but I’m already picturing us telling our adorable mini Captain Vietnam children about our first date and awkward almost first kiss.

He texted me when he got home and the amusing thing is I actually think he was just as nervous as I was on this date. So of course being the insecure, overthinking freak I am I’m wondering why on earth would a drop dead gorgeous perfect specimen of hotness be nervous to be on a date with a slightly chubby, pale Aussie chick?

Is it possible that I stumbled upon the one guy who actually has a thing for slightly geeky white chicks with a thing for Asian men?  Is my personality just THAT awesome? Or did “The One” just wear me down so much that I’m convinced I’m not good enough for anyone? Probably the last one…

Regardless of whether “Captain Vietnam” and I run off into the sunset and live happily ever after or not (because let’s face it, I will probably screw this one up) the best thing to come of this is that I actually ignored a text from “The One”, yes we still keep in contact and it’s mainly me dropping everything to follow him around and stare at him adoringly while he blurts out his ignorant, negative “I hate white people” crap and usually I just nod and smile because I’m a moron … but recently I’ve found myself telling him to shut up more and more, Ok I’m not quite using the words “shut up” because I’m not that mean but I have been skillfully changing the subject and trying to show him that the world isn’t that bad.

Last night though, I actually didn’t care! I didn’t answer his texts I got while I was out with “Captain Vietnam” and I didn’t answer them when I floated home on a cloud after our almost first kiss and I waited until I wasn’t busy this afternoon before replying! This is a huge step for me and probably a sign that I’m slowly starting to get over “The One” Usually I would answer his texts if I was at work, in uni or on fire,  I have even jumped out of the shower to reply to him once… you have my permission to roll your eyes at this point.

Being taken out by a gorgeous and sweet Vietnamese man probably has a lot to do with that sudden boost of confidence and empowerment but never the less, it’s a step forward and a good one.


One thought on “Oh Captain! My Captain!

  1. hmmm was he a pok roll or cheekin roll? ^^ i hope things will progress well and you are happy. your writing always seems to get better when there is a bit of sweet and sour action ^^ keep it up,,i think more and more people are following your stufff


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