The Captain America Factor (AKA The Little Guys)

So we all know the stereotype, Asian men are supposed to be small/short/skinny but my experience has proven the opposite, the Asian men I have dated, have been so tall that they have justified my ridiculously large high heel collection and I still sigh with admiration when I see “The One’s” big shoulders (big shoulders are my thing, leave it alone)

It may be surprising but despite my love for Asian guys, I’ve never ended up with a little one.

Until “K-Doc”

“K-Doc” wasn’t just short. He was little and skinny and I wouldn’t go into midget territory but he probably was just the same height as me 162cms (5’4) and in heels I towered over him. I like my heels.


Captain America before experimental drugs = Bad

I was surprised that this actually started to bother me. It was probably more my insecurities and the fact that I didn’t really like him and was looking for any excuse to politely break up but I felt like a giant around him. His hands were smaller than mine, his feet were smaller than mine (size 7 Aus women’s), one time I caught a glimpse of his shirt tag to see the dreaded XXS…. Yes! This guy could have shopped at the kids department! I remember during an awkward make out session once, actually wrapping my hand around his waist and thinking to myself “wow he’s got a nice figure”…. Yep you have my permission to LOL at this point, then my over thinking girl brain started kicking in “what if a serial killer broke into the house, would I have to protect him?”, “If we were on a deserted island and he died first would he be enough for me to survive off of until the rescue boat came?”, “Do I like this guy enough to actually eat him…. Ewww why am I thinking about cannibalism while we are making out?, yep I really don’t like this guy, so much so I would rather starve on this deserted island and…” OK you get the point I think way too much.

Back on track!

I’m trying really hard not to be mean here but come on! The last thing a girl wants to think about her man is that he has “a nice figure”… we, well I at least, like a big strong tall guy, we aren’t talking Captain America here but at least somebody who I have to physically look up to and a guy who weighs more than me and OK… Captain America is one of the few Caucasian men I actually find attractive, so I will find any excuse to scatter a few pictures of him through this post.


Captain America after experimental drugs = Good

I’m not sure why but it makes women feel petite and princess like when their man is bigger then them and I think deep down we all want that. We all want that slight aspect of being rescued (metaphorically, not actually being rescued) and a guy who weighs the same as a large dog isn’t going to rescue us from anything, except maybe a poodle and the pain of high heels because we will be forced to wear flats so we don’t feel like the Captain America in the relationship.

Does this mean short guys are off limits for me? I’m not going to say a straight out no because I think the fact that I really didn’t like “K-Doc” had a lot to do with me being turned off by his girlish figure and I’m sure that with the right guy, it won’t really be an issue if he ends up being shorter then me.

I actually briefly dated a man I shall refer to as “The Malaysian Crutch” because (he had a major weakness for pot that he clearly couldn’t give up) for our first 3 dates he was on crutches due to a sporting injury and I just assumed he was taller then me, it was hard to get close to him because of the crutches so I kept my distance and sort of avoided him. Then on the fourth date he turned up off crutches, with a new haircut and was wearing a suit from work…. Damn I almost fainted he was so good looking but I did realise then and there that he was the same height as me, maybe an inch taller (maybe) but the thing was he wasn’t “small” like “K-Doc” his hands were bigger, he wasn’t huge but he clearly didn’t weight less than me. I think the most obvious difference was that he was actually a “man”, he had his own apartment with actual furniture and kept it reasonably clean, he actually had food in his fridge and had an obvious personality, “K-Doc” was still very much a boy, he had no idea who he was or what he wanted and I think in the end that was the major turn off.


Captain America in a suit = Yummy


3 thoughts on “The Captain America Factor (AKA The Little Guys)

  1. Youre so funny i cant stop laughing. LoL. Like honestly i cant stop giggling .& the names u assign to each guy at the men section. . Ur funny =)


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