Posted in April 2013

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Last night I ended a date with an extremely gorgeous Vietnamese man that has left me asking, “The One”, who? Smart, sweet, funny, has a smile that makes me weak at the knees and a rock hard body to rival Captain America (ok maybe not that big but I found myself wanting to drop and … Continue reading

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The Captain America Factor (AKA The Little Guys)

So we all know the stereotype, Asian men are supposed to be small/short/skinny but my experience has proven the opposite, the Asian men I have dated, have been so tall that they have justified my ridiculously large high heel collection and I still sigh with admiration when I see “The One’s” big shoulders (big shoulders … Continue reading

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Ok so it’s been a majorly long time in-between posts, did I run away with “The Korean Doctor” (who will know be known as “K-Doc”)? Get pregnant with my future super adorable, half Caucasian, half Asian baby? Decide to make up with “The One”? Nope, Nope and I wish … I just got shingles. If … Continue reading

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