Stubborn White Girl vs Shy Asian Guy

So last night with the help of some vodka (and tequila and champagne) I worked up the nerve to ask “The Korean Doctor” why he hadn’t kissed me yet and I didn’t get the answer I was expecting. It’s not because he’s Asian and doesn’t want to be my boyfriend yet, it’s because he never makes the first move – NEVER.

Well I’ll be damned if I’m going to make it and my mother has told me I’ve always been stubborn, my friends describe me as “determined”, which is just sugar coating ”stubborn as hell”.

So it’s on! DING DING!

Round 1

The drive home after our 3rd date, I asked him if he wanted to come in and he said we should take things slow which made me lol for real… I haven’t even kissed this guy on the cheek and he assumes he’s getting some action tonight? Nope!

Now I know he likes me because he has told me, he also went above and beyond putting himself totally out of his comfort zone to spent time with me. Show me a guy who could withstand the below with his head held high?

So it’s date number 3 and my best friend is turning 30, I invite him to the club where we are celebrating after he has driven a good 2 hours from work, he has never been to a club in his life, has openly admitted to be socially awkward and is about to meet my friends for the first time. We meet at the club and venture in, the doormen stops us and we go through the usual ID check, only problem is he has forgotten his but luckily the door bitch lets him in and we have a drink while searching for my friend. I can’t find my friend anywhere and after various texts I figure she has mistakenly gone into the club next door so we leave club 1 and venture to club 2 but this door bitch isn’t as nice as the last one and refuses to let “The Korean Doctor” in without an ID because he looks younger than 18 and isn’t very tall (being 31 I think it takes a comfortable guy to not be offended by this). So he goes all the way back to his car which is parked a good half hour walk away to get his ID… the annoying part is, I later find out my friend is in club 1 which he doesn’t need an ID to get into! He turns up and does his best to have a great night anyways, he even seemed less awkward then I did when a random drunk girl decided to become best friends with us and interrogate us about our relationship of 2 and a half dates. Or maybe it was just his Asian Poker Face and he was extremely uncomfortable and just didn’t show it.

After the horrific date, we survived and I think we had a good time, nudged on by the alcohol we relax around each other and I even see a slight smile, I surprisingly start to hope he does actually call me and I get to see him again. I think I like him.

He drives me home and I’m thinking “JUST KISS MEEEEEE!” he doesn’t and of course being tipsy and not understanding the word subtle, we get into the conversation of first kisses where I discover that he never makes the first move, I understand all the reasons, he hates public displays of affection and fears rejection but it’s our 3rd date! We are in a car and both had a few drinks, it’s perfect for a first kiss and I tell him “I’m going to kiss you on the cheek now” and I do… nothing argh! He didn’t even kiss me on the cheek goodnight! Even after having the conversation about how Asians don’t kiss hello but Caucasians do, nothing! not even a “I’m trying to kiss you on the cheek but missed and got your hair instead” type of kiss.


So why don’t I just shut up and kiss him? Make the first move? I refuse to, every time I ever have, I end up wondering if he would have done it first or if he wanted me to and I don’t like anyone being awkward around me, so I decided the next time I have the opportunity for a first kiss, he can do it or at the very least meet me half way (preferably 70/30). It’s my new rule and I’m sticking to it.

We have a breakfast date this morning, hopefully I get a coffee/bacon flavoured first kiss today, what could be sexier?


11 thoughts on “Stubborn White Girl vs Shy Asian Guy

  1. 0_o
    it looks like someone is getting some action from a stiff….
    i bid thee good luck… just don’t go overboard and rape the poor smurf or put him in a deathly submission hold until he kisses you…
    i thought actions were more expensive than words and if he doesn’t show his emotions hard enough, doesn’t that mean maybe you are trying to push this thing too hard regardless of what background he comes from?

  2. He’s openly told me that he’s way too shy to make the first move even though he wants to though… argh! I refuse to make the first move though, I’m having fun just hanging out with him, so I’m going to hold out as long as I can lol

  3. hmm this is way too scripty …’s like your filming a sequence of short events…
    i hope you got your bacon and egg flavoured kiss and felt sexxxy with a triple x about it.
    don’t scare the poor boy so much. next time he might think you expect him to turn out in hello kitty undies and a freshly waxed genital area….perfect for grilling and consumption after a brisk lunch or something.

  4. im not criticizing anything regarding your writing…im just looking at the events and how things are panning out….i got you your reply on mail ^^

    • lol don’t worry angry, i’m not that sensitive. He only comes to sydney on the weekends because he works in a rural area so i guess it is a little “mini series” like as long as i’m the star, it’s all good lol


    go here…crazy funny website about korean man ( like a legit south korean man unlike me) and his proper aussie wife. they r getting asked to make documentary programs in korea coz of their uncanny blog. read it you will enjoy it. like you she has the gift of the gab.


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