Why Asian Men?

The question I am asked time and time again.

Why do I like Asian guys?

First and foremost it’s physical, I like the way Asian men look pure and simple. Some women like tall, dark and handsome, some like muscles, some like blondes, I like the way Asian men look.

If I want to get deeper and generalise. Asian men seem to be really confident in who they are, they have a strong sense of self and where they have come from. They respect their family and have strong values, they are hard workers and have set goals for themselves. These are qualities I find attractive in a man.

Chivalry is a big one too, what girl doesn’t want to be treated like a princess and I love a man who will open the car door, offer to pay for a meal and walk me to my door. I’m not completely offended if a guy doesn’t do these things but it’s just nice for a guy to make those gestures, there is just something about a man with manners.

Yes, some non Asian men have these qualities and I have met Asian men who possess none of these but these qualities just seems more common in Asian men.


3 thoughts on “Why Asian Men?

  1. Australian Girl [what do you go by on this blog?]:

    This is ironic. Opposites do attract. For me, I didn’t find my Asian physical qualities attractive. When I was in undergraduate school, I tried to force myself once to like the brown complexions and other qualities of my Asian sisters, but it didn’t work. I like milky white complexions, fair redheads, blondes, in white halter tops, with a sunflower in her hair. LOL. What can I say, it’s what I notice. My pupils widen when I see it, and my heartbeat goes up. There is a clear difference in my reaction when I see it versus other things. You can’t help what you’re attracted to.

    Michigan, United States


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