Sleepless in Strathfield

So it’s 3:30am and I can’t sleep… This isn’t new to me, I have one of those annoying female brains that never shuts down. Men can just go to their nothing box. I stay awake for three days straight.

What I wouldn’t give for a nothing box. I can’t stop thinking about “The One” *insert massive eye roll here* it’s not that I have hopes of getting back together with him, he had a knack for reminding me that I would never be good enough because I wasn’t Asian and especially because I was apparently from a country full of racist bogans who live purely to torment him because any sort of negativity directed toward him must be because he’s Asian and not because he can be a bit of an asshole (he only lives here so he can escape the wrath of his overbearing Chinese parents). Anyway!

The problem is I just can’t hate him and move on, I loved that asshole and probably still do, I still look at adorable photos of us and sigh with fond memories of when he wasn’t making me feel like shit. Whats wrong with me Argh!! I blame Bruno Mars and his tragic yet catchy love songs.

Am I even ready to start dating again? According to Sex and The City (also known as my ‘Guide to Life’) Charlotte says it takes half the total time you were together to get over the relationship… does that mean I have another 2 months of misery? but wait that means I still have 3 more years of mourning my 10 year relationship with “The Only Non Asian Boyfriend” (damn that’s a long nickname)


So I’m taking off my rose coloured glasses and hoping I can get through tomorrow and give “The Korean Doctor” an actual chance instead of nodding politely while I compare everything about him with “The One”

I’m going to attempt to sleep, take 2!

P.S Thanks to The Folicle for the title inspiration




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