The One

We met online and I remember the first time we spoke on the phone I found it hard to understand his thick Singaporean accent and he asked me if he sounded like a “F.O.B” (fresh off the boat) of course he didn’t but it took some adjusting to. I wasn’t expecting much when we met but as soon as I saw him, something clicked, I felt instantly comfortable around him and we ended up spending about 6 hours together, walking around the CBD getting to know each other and his accent was easier to understand in person. He took me to the best sushi place I have ever been to (I soon realised how seriously Singaporeans take their food) and we ended up playing video games like two kids in an arcade until it closed.

We planned to meet the next day at an anime convention, in my lame attempt at cosplay I was dressed as a Kitsune (a fox girl) and it took about 5 hours before he grabbed my hand and another 4 hours before I finally asked if I could kiss him, he told me a girl had never made the first move before, so did he want me to kiss him? Hell yes! He turned bright red and called me the second he got home to tell me he was still thinking about the kiss. Cheesy right? Totally.

I was shocked at this new type of guy that called me every day just to hear my voice and didn’t want to rush things, I had never experienced this.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a total cliched fairytale, he hated spending money so he rarely paid for me when we went out, which I didn’t mind too much. I never got flowers, which I did mind, he said they were a waste of money and I guess, coming from Singapore it made sense, they always died within a day or so due to the heat there (but I will say the sweetest thing ever was when he bought me a ring with a flower on it and told me this was a flower that wouldn’t die) and we fought like crazy.

I wasn’t sure how to handle this new guy, I had been with my last boyfriend for 10 years straight and we rarely fought. “The One” and I were fighting weekly and making up just as often.

It was total passion, when we were alone. Around other people he was quite conservative and I was used to verbalising my feelings a lot, something “The One” didn’t do and wasn’t used to his girlfriends doing either. He explained to me that most Singaporeans didn’t show affection in public or verbalise their feelings, he would show it in other ways, like cooking me breakfast, surprising me and taking me to his favourite restaurants.

As time went on, we adjusted to each others differences, I have to say I felt I put more effort into embracing his culture then he did mine and eventually that’s why he decided it would never work out. I’m not going to go on a rant about it right now, I don’t regret a second I spent with him and he definitely swayed my mindset into Asian men being a requirement for me rather than a preference.

He really was the inspiration for this blog so I thought it was about time I introduced “The One” to you.


6 thoughts on “The One

  1. Hey there, I’ve just come across your blog and spent too much time reading it. It’s rather unusual to see a white Aussie girl profess her love for Asian guys. Anyway, I think you might find this blog interesting: it’s one of the best blogs on AMWF relationships that I’ve come across.

  2. I’m curious… How did your attraction to Asian guys come about? Is it something that you’ve had from a young age, or did it develop later in life as a result of exposure to Asian pop culture such as anime, J-rock and, more recently, K-pop?

    I ask this because, as you know, Asian men have traditionally been badly portrayed in the Western mainstream media. The average Asian guy growing up in a Western country has to put up with the stereotype that he’s nerdy, unmanly, but domineering/sexist. And that’s on top of having to deal with the negative perception of being the “perpetual foreigner” that is directed at all Asians. I’m thinking that you might be something of an oddball for your choice of preference. 🙂

    • Honestly i think I’ve always been more attracted to asian men over caucasian, i think its just been in my last serious relationship that i realised it was an “issue”, i just kind of always saw it as normal. I was also in a 10 year relationship with a caucasian man so when we broke up i thought i should just focus on what i really wanted rather then settling. I wouldn’t consider myself and oddball for preferring asian men, I’ve met quite a few women like me but i think its rare to be as open about it as i am.

  3. Well, oddball or no, you seem totally cool. I wish there had been chicks like you around during those times of despair on the dating scene. Good luck with your quest for an Asian boyfriend and I look forward to reading more about your adventures. 🙂

  4. Hey, enjoy your blog and just thought you might want to know carlingford (near parramatta) has heaps of single asian dudes, all pretty tall (like 180) and at least try attend the gyms lol. From what i’ve seen they’re pretty open minded since some of them came to australia really young or was born here. I say this cause i used to live near carlingford and go to the food courts all the time and seen quite a few AMWF couples, just thought maybe u should know, you’re right about strathfield and cabramatta but theres also eastwood, carlingford, ashfield, chattswood, burwood too. Just my 2 cents, numbers game right?


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