Brownie Points for The Korean Doctor

Something odd that I have never experienced before just happened to me, “The Korean Doctor” made a gesture so grand I’m actually a little intimidated and overwhelmed and not quite sure how to react, I’m sure it’s positive but right now I’m too in shock to process it.

Not only did he send me a Valentines day greeting filled with cuteness and humour (check!) but he bought me an incredibly expensive gift voucher to a really luxurious spa… (um check, check, CHECK!).

So right now I’m picturing him as a Disney prince or at the very least an white Asian knight on a white horse and all that…or Jay Chou.


(Hey! how come there are Asian Disney princesses but the princes are always white?! did I just have a light bulb moment? is this why white girls are so conditioned to only date white men but white guys can date as exotic as they want? UNFAIR!)


So I’m shocked for 2 reasons, firstly we have really only just begun the whole getting to know each other business… I haven’t even gotten a kiss on the cheek yet from this guy and he’s buying me extravagant and extremely thoughtful gifts for a romantic day most guys would brush off as a silly marketing scam and secondly in my experience the Asian men I have dated have either been extremely tight with money or extremely flashy… They have all had good jobs and been hard workers (that stereotype I have found to be true) I guess they just had different priorities.

“The One” wanted to buy a house, so he saved like crazy and having to pay a $2 booking fee for movie tickets once almost sent him over the edge, in saying that though he was always generous when the occasion called for it.

He told me he was used to dating materialistic women who only cared about the label or being seen and what their friends though, he was shocked when I refused a fistful of cash for my birthday and got upset that there was no birthday card… this was actually a reoccurring argument, I like Chanel as much as the next girl but he felt I was too sentimental and it was much easier to have a materialistic girlfriend because you could just buy her a Louis Vuitton handbag and shut her up…of course the fact that I despise Louis Vuitton was confusing to him also.

Anyways back on topic!

The new man and his lovely spoiling of me and making me feel oh so special, is this a Korean thing? Are they all this lovely?… yes, yes I know we can’t generalise but I’m going to until proven other wise :p

I’m getting more excited about getting to know this guy better, I hope his heart is as big as his wallet (cheesy, I know!) and it’s my goal to sing at least one Disney duet at karaoke with him.




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